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Slipcovers is the answer...
If a carefree lifestyle is what you seek.
Just, color me cozy, wrap me in warmth and surround me with a glass of wine and a good conversation. If you spill your wine, just remove the slipcover and throw it in the washing machine [fabric content permitted]

Slipcovered furniture is the best place to curl up with a good book, write a letter or just sit peacefully and quietly.

Dinning room is the second most popular place to find a slipcover in the home, acting as a protection to your investment while giving your chairs a new attitude. How ever, Coming in as the number one place for Slipcovers would be the family room. Let's say that it is neutral territory where parents and children [along with dogs and cats] gather to watch movies, play, read, play games, do homework, or simply chill out. Making this room good looking but not precious is key. Casual Slipcovers are carefree and comfortable. the act as a simple clothing for your furniture. why not let us design and slip one on for you.

Slip Cover Care
The care of your Slipcover will vary, depending on the fabric content.
The content will let you know if it should be dry cleaned or washed.
We will give you a cutting of your fabric to test, before attempting to wash it.
You must remove from your slipcover from the washer immediately after spin cycle to prevent deep set wrinkles. Hang to dry or dry on lowest heat setting to prevent shrinkage for approx. 20 minutes Do not over dry! Remove Slipcover from dryer and replace it back onto furniture allowing slipcover to finish drying on furniture.

Smooth over furniture and pull all seams and cording into place starting with back and then arms. Tuck in extra fabric into crevices where inner arm and deck & where inner back and deck meet. We suggest that you iron your slipcover while on furniture for a fresh press look.


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