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Why Custom Couture?

Why choose custom window treatments and soft Furnishings when there are many ready-made options available?

  • Better quality construction. We run our own drapery and soft Furnishing fabrication studio; we personally design and manage every detail of your project.
  • Better coordination in your home. We help you find fabrics to create a perfect match with your other furnishings.
  • Fit challenging windows or doors. Arched or oversized windows, transoms, or architectural obstructions often require creative custom designs that you can't find ready-made.
  • Guaranteed one-of-a-kind. You can be assured that your neighbors won't have identical window treatment or soft furnishings!
  • Details make all the difference. We take the time to add details like trim, cording, and hand finishing that define quality.
  • They just look and hang better. Anyone can spot custom window treatments as soon as they walk into a room.

Custom window treatments can be the single most important element in pulling together your decorating scheme. Our goal is to provide up-to-date window treatments and other home furnishings that you are excited about.

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    Custom Designed Slipcovers and Draperies
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